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      Join Yunda

      Join Yunda


      Join Yunda

      Employees are the foundation of the company's development and the company's greatest asset.

      The development of an enterprise is inseparable from the growth of its employees. The ability of the company to continue to operate depends on the joint efforts of all the operators.

      • 運達的人才標準


      • 全體員工要求

        誠實善良   認真負責   能力勝任

      • 對骨干員工的要求

        積極上進    愿意擔當

      • 對管理者的要求

        事業心    使命感   處事公正


      電子郵箱:[email protected]    聯系電話:028-82839999     傳       真:028-82839988

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